K-9 Officer Stops High-Speed Police Chase by Attacking Felon

February 27, 2018

37-year-old Antonio Padilla Jr. of Riverside County in California was wanted for a parole violation. During the traffic stop, Padilla tried to run over the officer with his truck. This prompted a dangerous pursuit.

“The motor officer was writing Padilla a traffic citation, and Padilla recklessly backed his truck up, almost striking the officer,” said Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney. “The officer narrowly missed being run over.”


Unfortunately, Padilla got away. The next evening, Garden Grove detectives spotted Padilla's 2016 GMC Sierra pickup and attempted to pull him over.


The suspect refused to be pulled over, so he fled. During the pursuit, Padilla tried to ram a patrol car with deputies inside, he also hit at least two other vehicles.

Once Padilla arrived in Irvine, he ditched his truck and carjacked a black Audi SUV from a woman. The woman's brother was also inside the SUV and did everything he could to get Padilla out of the car. He was nearly pinned in between the two vehicles.


"I saw that he was taking my sister out of the car and I just reacted and tried to help," Ricky Kozloski said.


Padilla managed to kick the woman and Kozloski out. As he sped away, he almost hit the two of them. Thankfully, the siblings were unharmed.


Padilla was weaving in and out of traffic in hopes to lose sight of the officers. But the skilled police didn't lead up. The suspect ran through red lights, up onto curbs and grass, as he narrowly hits pedestrians.

The man missed a turn and crashed the stolen vehicle. He rushed out of the SUV, running from the officers in hopes to flee successfully. Unfortunately for the criminal, he's not faster than a dog. The officers released their K9 who quickly took down Padilla. Watch the full video below.

The man sustained several injuries has was trying to fight off the K9 officer. He was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his lacerations.

Padilla was booked in jail for "numerous felonies" which include assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and carjacking.


What do you think about this story? Are you glad to see the persistent officers and their loyal dog take down a felon? In other news, an officer was ambushed by three criminals. Thankfully, he pressed a button to release the reign of terror: his K9 partner.

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