Kardashians Are Devastated After Beloved Family Member Dies

February 01, 2018

We all love to hate on the Kardashian family, but through everything, there has always been one family member that anyone could love—the dog. The family is currently mourning the loss of their beloved Gabbana.

Gabbana was a black lab who had been with the Kardashian family for 14 years. When Kris and Caitlyn Jenner divorced in 2014, Khloe ended up with custody of the dog.

Gabbana was taken to an animal hospital and was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her stomach. Because of Gabbana’s age, the veterinarians could not do much to help her, so the family made the decision to let her pass away peacefully.

After Gabbana’s death, several family members took to social media to mourn their sweet friend. Khloe, who had custody for the last few years of Gabbana’s life, shared a touching tribute.

“Last night my sweet Gabbana passed away. She was more than a pet. She was my first child, my companion, and my friend. She was incredible! She made sure I was never lonely even during lonely times. The house will never be the same.”

Khloe is currently pregnant with her first child with NBA player Tristan Thompson. The day after Gabbana passed away, Tristan sent her a flower arrangement in the shape of a paw to memorialize the sweet dog.

Another sister, Kendall Jenner posted another tribute. “I’ll miss your kisses forever Gooby. I know you’re up there swimming, little fishy.” Gabbana was well known for her love of the water and swimming.

Khloe shared a longer post on her blog about her best friend. Even if you don’t like the family, you have to respect their love of their sweet dog.

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