Kate Middleton Bribes Prince George and Princess Charlotte Before Royal Wedding With Jaw-Dropping Incentive

May 25, 2018

It appeared that Harry and Meghan's wedding went extremely smooth, considering there were ten young children that had critical roles.



No one even noticed any bad behavior from the royal children. Well, that's not true.


The ten children were of bridesmaids and page boys. Most weddings consist of one boy as the ring bearer and a girl as the flower girl. Harry and Meghan had ten! The parents of those children were likely to be stressed to say the least and it wasn't even their big day.



According to reports, on the day of the wedding rehearsal, the children were misbehaving so badly that they were required to come back the following Friday to do practice some more.


On the day of the glamorous wedding, all the children were accompanied by their mothers. Among them were Kate Middleton, Benita Litt, and Jessica Mulroney.



While they did appear to have everything under control, they were desperately trying to gather and calm the mischievous kids. They did a great job in not showing their frustration.

Just minutes later the children were behaving and walking down the aisle with zero problems. So, what changed you might ask?



Oh, the power of being a parent. We have tools up our sleeves that when we need a behaved child in a critical moment, we know exactly what to do.



The mothers decided to bribe their children! With candy! And it appeared to have worked like a charm because the children were very well behaved. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do.


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