Kate Middleton is Being Accused By Camilla After Prince Charles' Drastic, Life-Altering Decision; She’s Lost It

May 30, 2018

An enormous feud has broken out in the royal family household. A decision likely to be made by Prince Charles has his wife Camilla Parker Bowles livid, and she is placing all the blame on one particular family member.



The life-altering decision Charles is contemplating will impact the royal monarchy in a big way. However, to some people, this decision is encouraged, but to Camilla, it will be the biggest mistake her husband could ever make.


Camilla and Charles have been married for over 13 years, but this wife is "fuming" at her husband. She believes that this decision will demolish her future title and role.



The major quarrel is over Charles and the future roles of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Charles is considering if he should step aside so his son could be the next one in line to the throne.


Once the Queen passes, Charles is next in line to reign as king, and while it won't be confirmed until he is the king, Camilla will be titled as the queen consort. But with him stepping aside, this will ruin Camilla's chances for this elite title.



"Camilla has told Charles to 'man up and fight,'" a royal insider revealed. “She’s fuming and has told him it was his destiny to be on the throne."


"Camilla is livid that William could potentially take the throne, and she’s pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate," the insider continued.



Early on when Kate was new to William's world, Camilla wanted nothing to do with her. Just like with Meghan, Camilla tried to ruin Kate's reputation. Meghan even publicly disgraces Camilla in front of everyone. Some say “the gloves came off.”


More than 65 percent of the England population believe that Camilla is not fit for the role as queen, and over half of them want Prince William as the king.


Camilla Waves a Knife at Prince Charles. Check Out The Video Below:




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