Kate Middleton Leaves Baby Louis Behind As She Takes Off To Take Care of Some Much Needed Business

June 04, 2018

After the recent birth of Prince Louis, Kate Middleton has tried to stay out of the spotlight after the recent royal wedding. However, that's typical protocol for mothers in the royal family.

Kate decided to take a very special trip outside the castle to do some much-needed business. Consequently, this meant she had to leave behind her newborn baby.


Many mothers have a difficult time leaving their children, especially young children, at home while they are gone overnight. The feeling if something happens and they aren't there to fix it is frightening.

Kate's business, however, did involve her children; her eldest children. The much-needed trip allowed her time away from the castle so she could give 100 percent of her attention to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


The family day was spent at the Houghton horse trails in Norfolk last Sunday where they rode horses, ate ice-creams, and George got to ride in one of the ambulance vehicles.

The family tried their best to stay unnoticed among the crowd at the equestrian event, but sure enough, several people spotted them.


"We were sitting on the bench having something to eat, and I noticed this beautiful woman in a blue dress who had two kids with her, and I suddenly realized who it was," Jack Schmollmann told the "Daily Mail."

"I think other people noticed them but not everybody because they did their best to blend in and were just going about their daily lives," he continued. "They were having a nice family day out, eating ice creams and sitting in the sunshine. Kate had picked up a toy of some sort for George which he started unwrapping and they looked like they were having a nice, relaxing day."


The three-day festival includes showjumping, and eventing, including several children's entertainment and activities. This outing was their first outing since their appearance at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on May 19.

It appears Prince William was not joining them but there were two plain-clothed officers who were standing at a distance.


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What a fun day as a family. Good job, Kate for doing a great job being a mother!


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