Kate Middleton's New Royal Title Has Been Revealed And It Has A Bittersweet Meaning Behind It

June 28, 2018

When Her Majesty passes away, Prince Charles will likely take the throne. Both Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will move up the line of succession from Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to King and Queen-consort.

While everyone in the royal family will shift upward closer to the throne, Kate Middleton will receive a new title as well. The title will be a bittersweet tribute to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Kate's, who is currently the Duchess of Cambridge, new title, once the Queen passes away, will become Princess of Wales. This title was last held by Diana, who died in 1997.

Princess Diana, born Diana Spencer, first held this title when she married Charles in 1981. When the two divorced in 1997, Diana was stripped of her elite title.

Currently, Charles is the Prince of Wales and his wife, Camilla, holds that Princess title, but she has refused to use due to the connection it has with Princess Diana. She uses the title, Duchess of Cornwall.


What do you think about Kate's new title? Let us know your thoughts! In other news, millions begin to fear the worst when the Queen is forced to cancel her upcoming appearance after falling ill.

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