Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby # 4 Just Months After Giving Birth? Wild, Bogus Claim Has Gone Viral

June 28, 2018

A report has surfaced claiming that Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number four. This is indeed false, according to legitimate reports.

The publication, "Life and Style," is claiming that the mother of three is yet again pregnant just three months after having Prince Louis. This is the same magazine who repeatedly said that the Duchess was having identical twin girls, but then she had a boy.

According to "Gossip Cop," the allegations they claimed about Kate having twins and the most recent pregnancy have been debunked and are labeled false.

The headline titles, "Another Baby On The Way For Kate," and it alleges, "Less than three months after welcoming son Louis, insiders say Kate Middleton’s pregnant again."

The so-called "source" is also quoted by saying, “Those close to Kate are saying she’s pregnant with baby No. 4!”

"Gossip Cop" points out that "this 'source' has no first-hand knowledge and that the publication itself doesn’t have direct confirmation."

The publication goes on to claim that she is "showing all the signs of pregnancy." She is reportedly avoiding alcohol and suffers from nausea.

Kate has allegedly said that she and Prince William "want to give Charlotte a little sister" to have two boys and two girls. The tabloid even wrote that she has done a "disappearing act," which apparently means these are "signs she's expecting" a child. In fact, she is just on her maternity leave with Prince Louis.

According to "Gossip Cop," "Life and Style" "can’t be trusted would be a massive understatement. And no reputable media have said anything about Middleton already being pregnant again."

What do you think about these bogus claims? Let us know your thoughts! In other news, Queen Elizabeth has fallen ill and has canceled an upcoming event.


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