Famous Actress Reveals Heartbreaking News to Fans After Suffering a Loss; Requesting Prayers

May 21, 2018

Katie Lowes is speaking out about her recent heartbreaking loss. On her podcast called "Katie's Crib," she opens up about the difficult realization she had before her 7-month-old son, Albee.

The “Scandal” actress had been suffering after she had found out she had a miscarriage. She told "PEOPLE" that she was three months pregnant.

When Lowes went in for a routine prenatal checkup, her OB/GYN told her that her baby did not have a heartbeat. Her initial reaction was calm. In fact, her follow up question was an "all-business get-go reaction."


"Let’s make the schedule, let’s get to the hospital, let’s get the [dilation & curettage]," Lowes recalled.  "When can I start trying again?"

But soon reality set in and she became "massively sad" when she realized what had happened. She had an extreme hormonal shift that took her to a place of sorrow.


“As soon as it set in that I’d had a miscarriage, what happens is you have a major hormonal drop-off,” Lowes explained. “And I think I was massively sad for about three months, and I was only pregnant for three months.”




Just last Fall, Lowes and her husband, Adam Shapiro, welcomed their first child together. She shared the news with her fans in October by saying:


"Baby’s first #Scandal live tweet! Adam and I are thrilled to welcome Albee Shapiro into our family! We’re happy & healthy! #BabyGladiator."




What do you think about this story? Let us know! In other news, a famous singer has just revealed he had cancer… Twice! Fans are heartbroken.

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