Hollywood Baby Boom Strikes Again! ANOTHER Mega-Celebrity Announces She’s Expecting; Movie Fans Are Ecstatic Over The News

May 03, 2019

Just hours after the world learned that Hollywood mega-couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were “in the family way” with baby #3, another bambino bombshell dropped. And it has fans simply giddy with delight.


British-born actress Keira Knightley, who is already the mother of a three-year-old little girl made the stunning announcement that she and husband James Righton are also expecting a bundle of joy.

And along with the happy announcement, the happy couple graced their fans with a public appearance, with Keira proudly displaying the proof of their blessed news.

E News reports, “On Thursday, the British actress appeared to debut her baby bump while stepping out for a Chanel-hosted cocktail party in Paris, France.”

From the moment she stepped out of the car, Ms. Knightley simply glowed with the aura of impending motherhood.

Dressed in a Grecian-inspired, empire waist gown and chunky gold heels, the [34-year-old] A-lister lovingly placed her hand on her belly as she made her way past photographers.”

She and James strutted hand-in-hand as they smiled for fans and photographers waiting outside the venue.

And it’s no surprise that the couple waited until the evidence was right in front of them. The couple is “notoriously private” and doesn't usually make the rounds in the public arena.

Keira and James, who were married in 2013, welcomed their first child, a daughter Edie Knightley Righton two years later.

Keira is one of the rich and famous critics of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton after her highly-publicized and intensely photographed appearance just hours after the birth of each of her children.

She said it gives other women a sense of inferiority if they don’t look quite like she did so soon after childbirth. Only time will tell how Knightley handles the upcoming birth and its aftermath.

Regardless of how a woman looks moments after her child enters the world, one universal truth remains.

No matter whether you’re a Duchess, an A-list actress, or a mom from Nebraska - the day we meet our precious baby for the first time ranks right up there with the most momentous events of our lives.

Congratulations to Keira and James!


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