Patrick Frazee's True Depravity Revealed In Court: Investigators Say He Murdered Kelsey With Baby Daughter In Next Room

February 20, 2019

Grisly details have begun to emerge about Patrick Frazee’s role in the disappearance and presumed murder of his fiancée Kelsey Berreth on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

As law enforcement witnesses testified in the preliminary hearing for the 32-year-old accused murderer, it became abundantly clear that not only did Frazee kill Kelsey, but the manner in which he did it - and what he did after - is nothing short of shocking.

“Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Gregg Slater took the witness stand at the hearing in Teller County on Tuesday, revealing details about the murder plot against 29-year-old Berreth that he obtained from interviews with Krystal Lee Kenney, the Idaho nurse who entered a plea deal earlier this month and admitted to destroying evidence.”

In his testimony, Slater detailed the sequence of events on that fateful night, painting a picture of far greater evil than previously thought.

Frazee and Berreth met at her townhome on Thanksgiving Day to exchange custody of their daughter. At some point during their interaction, Frazee asked Kelsey to guess the scent of a candle.

After first covering her face with a sweater to blindfold her, he pulled out a baseball bat and violently beat Kelsey to death. Kenney revealed that one-year-old Kaylee was in the other room when her mother was being murdered.

Apparently, Kenney had a far greater role in the crime than previously revealed, and the plot to kill the 29-year-old mom was hatched in the Fall, a long time before Frazee finally took matters into his own hands.

“Until Tuesday, it was known only that Kenney ‘moved’ Berreth’s cell phone in the days following her presumed murder, but Slater’s testimony revealed that Kenney admitted to playing a major role in the crime.”

Fueled by Frazee’s claim that Kelsey was abusive to their child, Kenney agreed to kill the young mother - on three separate occasions: the first time with poisoned coffee, the second with a lead pipe, and the third with a baseball bat. All three times ended with Kenny backing out at the last minute.

That’s when Frazee stepped in and completed the plan.

CBI agent Slater testified that Kenney had admitted to him that she drove from her home in Idaho to Colorado on November 22nd after Frazee phoned her saying, “You need to get out here now. You’ve got a mess to clean up.”

Driving all night, Kenney came prepared for the job. “She brought a box of latex gloves, a white suit, booties, bleach, two trash bags, and a hair net, Slater said. Frazee even asked her to look for a tooth near a vent, the agent said.”

Kenny was, reportedly, horrified at what she saw when arriving at the crime scene.

“She picked up a key at Frazee's home and opened the door at Berreth's townhouse to what she described as a ‘horrific’ scene, Slater testified. She spent hours cleaning, discarding blood-stained toys and other items.”

Frazee even told Kenny to be on the lookout for a tooth which he had dislodged when violently beating Kelsey.

“He removed the body to a farm in Fremont County, where it was left in a black tote bag in a stack of hay while he went to Thanksgiving dinner, Slater testified.

“The suspect later moved the body to a water trough and added gas and wood before setting it ablaze, Slater said. Frazee allegedly scooped up the remains and disposed of them either at a dump or in a river."

Those remains have not been recovered.

Kelsey’s parents claim that Frazee wanted Kelsey to give him full custody of their daughter, but she refused. They believe that is the motive for the killing.

The internet is not giving Kenney any slack for her part in the crime.

“#KelseyBerreth is dead because #KrystalKenney couldn’t be bothered with going to the police after 3 separate solicitation attempts by #PatrickFrazee. Three different occasions she traveled to CO to help. She’s just as much of a piece of sh*t as he is.”

“Jesus! What an evil man!”

“#KrystalKenney claiming she was afraid for her life is ridiculous. Driving from #Idaho to #Colorado to clean up a brutal bloody #murder scene for #PatrickFrazee, the murderer, put her at far more risk than going straight to the police”

“#PatrickFrazee should be put in the woman’s prison. What man blindfold’s and then beats the mother of their child with a bat? #KrystalKenney #KK needs to be sitting right next to #Frazee when he gets the needle.”

Please continue to pray for Kelsey Berreth’s family, and especially little Kaylee, as the horrific details of their loved one’s last moments of life, are brought out in court.

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