Legendary ‘Dallas’ Star Passes Away At 83, Heartbroken Fans Bid Sad Farewell To Beloved TV Icon

April 24, 2019

Sad news coming out of Hollywood today. We have learned that beloved ‘Dallas’ star Ken Kercheval has died. He was 83.

Kercheval played J.R. Ewing’s nemesis on the long-running CBS nighttime drama ‘Dallas’ for a whopping 14 seasons from 1978-1991.


Details are sketchy as to cause of death, but a funeral spokesman in Kercheval’s hometown in Indiana confirmed the actor’s death.

“A spokeswoman at the Frist Funeral Home in the actor's hometown of Clinton, Indiana, confirmed his death in a brief conversation Wednesday with The Hollywood Reporter but would not divulge any details.


“His talent agent, Jeff Fisher, also confirmed the news. Messages left for two of Kercheval's children were not immediately returned.”

Kercheval and lead Larry Hagman were the only two ‘Dallas’ star to appear in all 14 seasons of the popular nighttime drama.


Kercheval got his start in the 1960s appearing in various Broadway productions. He then moved on to Hollywood.

He “played one of the unorthodox cops who battles crime in New York City in the Roy Scheider-starring The Seven-Ups (1973) and showed up in other films like Pretty Poison (1968), the adaptation of John Updike's Rabbit Run (1970), Sidney Lumet's Network (1976) and F.I.S.T. (1978)”

But his undeniably signature role was that of Cliff Barnes, J.R.’s arch-rival for not only the affections of Ewing’s wife Sue-Ellen but also in the oil business.


Although no cause of death was released, Kercheval’s recent health history is no secret.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “A two-or-three-pack-a day smoker, Kercheval had a part of his lung removed in 1994 after he was diagnosed with cancer.


“He also said he was a ‘practicing alcoholic’ for 20 years before he gave up drinking.”


Please join us in praying for Ken’s family and all the fans who are mourning this huge loss.

Rest in peace, Ken. We will miss you.


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