Famous Celebrity's Stalker Climbs Mountainside & Sits By Pool Waiting For Her; Requesting Prayers

October 18, 2018

Her security left a gaping hole!

Startling news has come in recently when a famous celebrity reported a stalker trespassing on her property, waiting for her by her pool. The unnerving news has the entire community worried for their own lives.

At this time, we are asking our readers to keep everyone involved in their thoughts and prayers as police try to prevent this encounter again. Thousands of fans have expressed their concerns over numerous social media platforms. Celebrities alike are also looking into beefing up their security after this recent encounter.

37-year-old John Ford has had a run in lately with law enforcement. Last month, Ford was arrested for breaking into Kendall Jenner's gated community, where other celebrities such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Slash, among others, live. Police told "TMZ" that Ford had his eyes set on Jenner.


Ford pled guilty for trespassing, and the judge ordered him to remain 1,000 feet from the gated community. It turns out Ford didn't follow his orders.


Last week, Ford entered the community again, but not through the front gate, the back. He scaled the mountainside in the rear of the complex, where there was apparently no security, and entered her property.


Jenner's security spotted Ford in her backyard by her pool. But by the time the police arrived, Ford had taken off.

On Tuesday, October 16, Ford was seen again on her property. This time he had climbed the same mountainside, where it was still unsecured, and he ended up sitting on her front porch. Jenner's security spotted Ford, and when the police arrived, Ford was apprehended this time.


According to "TMZ," Ford is a Canadian citizen and is currently being held at a psychiatric ward. He's been charged with criminal trespassing and violating a protective order.


Since the most recent event, Jenner's security has been enhanced and additional fencing has been installed.

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