Tragic Ending For Ohio State Co-ed Abducted From Campus By Father Of Her Child

February 13, 2019

Many were hoping for a happier ending than what happened for a young Ohio State University student on Tuesday. After having been abducted at gunpoint by her former boyfriend, she was killed in a shootout with police while being held captive by the man.

20-year-old Skylar Williams was taken at gunpoint by the father of her child Ty’Rell Pounds. The victim had previously filed an Order of Protection against Pounds after he had allegedly assaulted her in September and continued to stalk her as recently as this January.

Then, on Monday, February 11th, things came to a head when Pounds kidnapped Williams at gunpoint.

Police say around 11:45 a.m. Monday, Williams was abducted at gunpoint from a parking lot at the Ohio State University campus in Mansfield.”

Pounds’ roommate told police that the 24-year-old suspect showed up at their residence and had Williams with him. She was crying but did not appear harmed.

“Authorities say Pounds then stole his roommate's vehicle at gunpoint, a dark gray 2019 Dodge Caravan with Ohio license plate FMZ 9621.”

Pounds and Williams allegedly stopped at a gas station at some point after the abduction.

“This is the gas station Ty’rell Pounds and Skylar Williams stopped at before a multi-county chase Monday. A clerk here says Pounds prepaid $20 for gas he never pumped. As the two left, Williams mouthed 'help me' to another customer. That customer called 911.”

The police followed Pounds on a multi-state chase which ended in Kentucky.

During the final moments of the unfolding drama, Kentucky State troopers followed the vehicle until it finally exited at an offramp and stopped. That’s when officers say they heard gunshots coming from inside the vehicle, at which point they returned fire.

At this time, it is not clear which shots were the fatal ones, but it is thought that Pounds shot Williams and then himself. The Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team is investigating the shooting.

The suspect posted a message to his little boy shortly before he carried out the violent act. It’s clear from the words in the post that he knew exactly how the incident would end.

“Kylo Pounds I love you so much. I hope you become a better man than I was. when you turn 18 you’ll get $100,000 dollars be smart with it!!

“My dream goal was to raise you as a man and for me to become a state trooper!!! Obviously that didn’t happen!! Your mother kept me away from you and I was fighting for you through the court system!! Your mother kept teasing and I got overwhelmed.

“I’m sorry you have to grow up without us baby!! But we’ll be watching you trust me!! I love you with all my heart, Kylo!! Don’t listen to nothing Renea or Alexis says about me. it’s a lie. she’s a manipulator.

“I’ve bought everything for you and your Mother up to this point!! Kylo I would like you to become a state trooper any state of your choosing!!

“My side of the family is more fortunate then your mom side. if you need anything financially reach out to KeOsha Pounds, Victory Pounds, or Latiesha Farmer!!!

“To my family I love y’all and I’m sorry. dad you’re right I let my feelings build up!! Don’t feel sorry for me cause there is nothing you guys could’ve done to stop me!!

“PLEASE KEEP MY SON OUT OF THE STREETS! Don’t want him following my bad ways”

Kylo is reportedly safe in the care of family members.

Please join us in praying for the little boy who will now have to face a future without both parents, and the heartbreaking realization that his mother died at the hands of his father.

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