Kindergartner Shocked Her Grandma by Raising Money for Friends in Need

October 25, 2017

A grandmother in Michigan walked into her granddaughter Sunshine’s room to find her counting money from her piggy bank. Instead of putting the money away, she put a little into her backpack to take to school with her.

Sunshine was bringing the money to school so that her friend could afford milk. She had been saving for a snowmobile.

After bringing money to that friend, Sunshine realized that there were other kids who didn’t have enough money for milk. She wanted to help them all, but she only had $30—not enough for everyone.

Sunshine and her grandmother brought some money to the teacher to help Sunshine’s classmates. Sunshine, her grandmother, and the teacher created a plan to make sure that everyone in the classroom was able to have milk with their snack.

Sunshine and her grandma set up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for Sunshine’s classmates. In 18 days, they had already raised more than twice their goal.

Thanks to Sunshine’s dedication to her friends, her entire class will be able to have milk for the rest of the school year. Sunshine is continuing to bring some money to her school. Larger amounts of money are going to the school.

It’s so inspiring to see the dedication that Sunshine has to her classmates. Check out her Kickstarter campaign here. We can all work to be a little more like Sunshine.

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