Kirk Cameron: “If the Devil Comes Knocking on My Door, He’s Come to the Wrong House”

March 01, 2018

Kirk Cameron, who is known for his strong faith and his starring role in the 1980s show, "Growing Pains," is pointing out the dangers with kids on social media sites. He recently released a new documentary called, "Connect," which includes several educators and doctors providing insight into the connection between technology and children.

Our world revolves around social media. We may even be addicted sometimes. Sadly, for kids, it's reported that about 50% of children say they feel addicted to their social media accounts.


When kids have access to smartphones, their world opens tremendously.


"It's a free for all. You can look up pornography, there's constant reinforcements, pings, tings, new friends," one educator said in "Connect's" trailer.

Several young adults have said that they have been able to make a whole new life for them just online. They can pretend their life is peachy, but underneath, they are bottling up so much. One woman said that when she made up her "fake," fun social media account, it wasn't her "true reality."


One mom said, "My daughter has tons of Instagram friends, but she has no friends."


Some kids report that their "friends" have called them "fat," "dumb," and "worthless."


"The words they start giving you is the words you start to believe," one young man said. "I had a gun at my head."


For some kids, cyberbullying has ended lives. Social media has become their life, and when it turns upside down, tragic things can happen.


"There's never been a generation like it," Cameron said. "We are blazing a new trail. We are the pioneer parents."


Cameron continues, "If the devil wants to come knocking on my door, looking for my kids, he's going to find out real quick he came to the wrong house."


If you are interested in watching the documentary, check your local theaters for showings on March 1. You may be able to check other sources for additional viewing by following Kirk Cameron's Facebook page here. Check out the trailer below:


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