Kirk Cameron’s Social Media Rules for His Kids Are Causing Parents to React

March 29, 2018

Both parents and kids alike these days seem glued to their phone. In fact, 50% of kids say they’re addicted to social media. That’s nuts!

For kids, this can be a particularly bad addiction, as this is the time they learn how to build relationships. Conversely, you can’t just build these over a phone; face-to-face interactions are also very important.

That’s exactly the movement Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, are trying to promote—the importance of face-to-face interactions. And it all starts with the parents. We need to engage with our kids regularly and face-to-face.

Kirk said in a recent interview, “We decided best thing we could do is get in a relationship with our kids, get excited about what they’re excited about.”

The couple even made a movie called “Connect” to help parents engage more deeply with their kids in a social media-rich society. Here is what a few parents have to say about the movie:

“Saw early release, great movie, compelling. A Must See!”

“Is really good to teens that care about their life on a daily bases and can learn how to control their online connections by watching this movie.”

“My husband and I appreciated all the resources the movie had to offer. Was nice to know we aren’t the only parents out there struggling to keep our kids safe on the information highway. Thanks, Kirk Cameron!”

Interested in seeing the movie for yourself? Here is the trailer!

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