World-Famous Gospel Singer's Son Makes Shocking Accusations Saying His Father Tried To Kill Him

July 31, 2018

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is known for is renowned Christian music and is one of the most famous gospel and R&B singers in the world. Franklin has won a slew of Grammy Awards over the past two decades.

Today, Franklin is under attack after shocking allegations. Franklin is being accused by his estranged son, Kerrion, of trying to kill him.

The gospel singer has two children with his wife Tammy, a daughter named Kennedy, and a son named Caziah. Tammy has a daughter named Carrington was from a previous relationship (Kirk legally adopted her). From his previous relationship, he had Kerrion, who was born in 1988.

According to BCN, his eldest son Kerrion has been estranged from the family for many years. Recently, he posted to Instagram an outrageous accusation towards Franklin. He claims that his father tried to have him killed.

The post was a photo of himself with a pink/purple cover overlay that had text that read: "My own father is trying to kill me." In the caption, Kerrion claims that Franklin was in Los Angeles hiding from him, and the reason for the post was for "his own safety purposes."

The post has since been deleted, but below is a screenshot provided by BCN:

At this time, Franklin has not commented on the accusations. What are your thoughts on these allegations? Let us know!