Kitten Was Frozen to Boat Dock for 11 Hours — Police Officer Knew Exactly What to Do

January 04, 2018

In Mercer County, Kentucky, a stray kitten fell into icy, cold waters. Once the cat was able to swim to the boat dock, its paws got stuck.


Roy Jasper and his wife, Laurie, said that they noticed the kitten on their security cameras. Apparently, the cat had been stuck for 11 hours.

"It fell in the water and came up on the little piece of dock, just left of the steps and froze right to the dock," Roy told LEX18.


Roy and Laurie said they were worried sick when they lost sight of the kitten. After 11 hours, they spotted the kitten and called the local sheriff for help.


"I poured the water on his front feet, and in a few seconds, they did come loose," said Mercer County Sheriff, Ernie Kelty. After he poured water on the poor kitten's feet, he began cutting its fur from the frozen dock.

Once the kitten was free, the sheriff tucked it inside his jacket and walked him to the Jasper's house. When Laurie got a hold of the kitten, she immediately wiped him down with towels trying to get him warm and dry.


"At first, he had an attitude," Sheriff Kelty said. "But I probably would have too. It seemed like, that he realized I was there to help."


Today, this kitten has a new home and a terrific name. "We're naming him after the sheriff. We're naming him Ernie," Roy said.



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