Beloved Restaurant Closed After Salmonella Outbreak Leaving Dozens of People Ill, According To Reports

July 20, 2018

Recently, a beloved restaurant has had to close their doors after a recent Salmonella outbreak. They have closed their doors until further notice.

The North Reading Health Department and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported that the famous Kitty's Restaurant and Lounge in North Reading, Massachusetts has been temporarily shut down.

A Salmonella outbreak has sickened at least 19 people, while some are reporting as many as 40 people, including the restaurant's employees.

This is the second time Kitty's has been close. The first closure happened on July 5 due to another Salmonella outbreak, according to public health officials.

Illnesses were reported as early as June 23 and officials began investigating the illnesses on July 3. Investigators were able to identify the source of Salmonella, which was the establishment's antipasto salad.

“The Health Department conducted an initial investigation that evening, working with the restaurant owners in an attempt to determine how the food was contaminated," North Reading officials reported.

"The investigation included determining the source of the food, how the food was prepared, who prepared it, how it was served and to whom it was served," the statement continued.

The health department was able to confirm that Kitty's food safety and sanitation procedures were not up to par. They were categorized as "unsanitary conditions," with "cross contamination and time and temperature" issues.

“It also indicated that the restaurant had not complied with the Health Department’s original orders of July 5, and several employees prohibited from working from the salmonella incident from June 23-25 were working on site and preparing food,” according to an update from health officials.

Kitty's Restaurant and Lounge is well-known for their Italian-American eatery and bar with an old-school, informal atmosphere. They are known for, and appreciated by many, with their generous portions

Consumers with questions can contact the North Reading Health Department for more information at 978-357-5242.

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