Kristen Bell Has to “Grin and Bear It” For Her Daughter’s Halloween Costume

October 31, 2017

Halloween is an amazing holiday—especially for kids. The entire holiday revolves around costumes and candy—what could be better? For parents, though Halloween can be rough. You have to buy candy, figure out costumes, and control crazy (sugar-rushed) kids.

Kristen Bell has it especially hard this year. She let her daughter choose her costume. Normally, that’s just fine, but not for Kristen.

Her daughter decided that the best costume for them to wear this year would be Elsa from “Frozen.” Now, this would be just fine, except for the fact that Kristen Bell voiced the other main character in the movie, Anna.

With a movie as popular as “Frozen,” you would think that the star’s own daughters would love the movie—that’s not necessarily true though. On an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen shared that her daughters actually don’t love the movie—in fact, one of her daughters asked her to turn it off.

Ever since “Frozen” was released in 2013, Elsa is the sister who has been the star of all-things “Frozen.” Even though Anna is the protagonist of the movie, Elsa is the one who inspired costumes and party-themes for years.

It seems that Kristen’s daughter likes “Frozen” a little bit more now. But she still doesn’t love her mother’s role. She requested that both of them be Elsa for Halloween. She didn’t even want her mom to be Anna.

Kristen, like the amazing, happy mother that she is, of course, said yes. She has a perfect costume. Of course, she didn’t have a smile to match, but I’m sure she got to that point eventually.

She shared the photo on her Instagram. She also said, “When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT.” Check out the post here.

Kristen Bell is an amazing mother—obviously willing to sacrifice her own character’s dignity. If you love this sweet family as much as we do, check out this article about the beginning of Dax and Kirsten’s relationship.

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