Kristen Bell’s Parenting Tips Are Incredible

December 08, 2017

It’s hard to remember that some celebrities are just like us. They, too, struggle with parenting. They have to figure out how they’re going to talk to their children and be with their spouse. Kristen Bell recently shared some incredible parenting tips that help remind us that she’s actually just like us.

1. Talk about things in terms of minutes

When someone tells you what’s going to happen, you know how you want to go off and do something else? No one wants their decisions made for them—it’s the same for kids. Instead of telling your kids what to do, try asking them “How many minutes until….”

According to Kristen, “You get to choose, so you don’t feel like it’s being ripped away from you...I just have to be patient.”

2. Talk about things—don’t keep secrets

You know the phrase “the elephant in the room?” Yeah, that’s what this is about. When something isn’t being addressed, chances are, everyone is thinking about it. Instead of keeping secrets that can lead to resentment and lies, always tell the truth to your kids. Kristen shared, “When we leave things taboo, that breeds fear and shame.”

3. Family calendars

Keeping track of a bunch of schedules can be a disaster. Instead of guessing about who has what going on or what you have to do this month, create a family calendar. Kristen shared that if she has a fleeting thought, she adds it to the calendar to help her remember later on.

4. Recycle trash

Kristen shared that one of her best pieces of advice for parents is, “Really any trash you can use as a craft.” She saves empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and ribbons for her kids to play with. This makes craft time easier (and cheaper).

5. Split the chores

Kristen shared that one of the best things for her and her husband is splitting the chores 50/50. They made a point out of splitting them evenly. This, according to Kristen, “Will provide you with a better, safer marriage.” They decided to take that seriously. “He changed 50% of the diapers. He gave 50% of the baths.”

Watch Kristen talk about her five tips for parents below.

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