Missing Mother, Elementary School Teacher; Leaves Behind Keys & Phone: 'Something Out Of A Nightmare'

October 04, 2018

There has been some devastating news that has recently come in. A Maine teacher and mother of two children has vanished from her home. At this time, we are asking our readers to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as the investigation unfolds.


47-year-old Kristin Westra, an elementary school teacher at Chebeague Island School, has gone missing from her home in a rural area of North Yarmouth.


She vanished either late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Police say that her husband, Jay Westra, woke up to discover her missing, and she reportedly left her keys and cell phone behind.


Early Sunday, Westra said that his wife told him that she was experiencing anxiety and was "worried" after having sleepless nights, according to "NBC News."

Later that afternoon, Westra, who works as a pediatric oncology nurse, said that he called up a friend who is a licensed clinical nurse practitioner to consult his wife.


“Kristin met with her while my daughter and I were in the room next to her playing cards,” Westra said. “And then after that, they left, and there was a safety assessment, and Kristin was not at risk for any harm to herself or anybody else.”

Westra said that Kristin planned on getting some additional blood tests done the following day. After the meeting with their friend, she went for a run with her daughter. They both returned home and had dinner together that night.


“She told me she felt better,” Westra said. “We had a plan. And Kristin is a person who, when she has a plan, she sticks to the plan, and she follows through, and she does things well every time.”

That night, Westra recalls his wife restless while sleeping. He noticed her missing from their bed at 3:30 a.m. Monday, but Westra assumed she went to sleep in another room.


“And then after my shower, I walked by [the room], did not see her, panicked slightly about that, checked on my daughter and then went to the garage where we have a small kitchen set up while we’re doing renovations,” Westra recalled. “She wasn’t there; I started to really worry.”

Westra walked back inside and noticed Kristin had left her keys, purse, her cell phone, and her car. Westra began searching for Kristin. He went to the spots where she typically ran but stopped at a park to ask for a police officer's help.

“The sheriff’s office has been working hard since then, and they’re still working hard,” Westra said. “The state police interviewed me, and they are still working hard. And not too long after that, in the afternoon, the Maine Warden Service started getting involved. They started doing organized woods search with dogs, and flashlights and grid work.”


"PEOPLE" asked the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office if they suspect foul play.

"We're not leaning in that direction. Usually, we would have found her by now," Captain Scott Stewart said. "We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t always keep that on the table,” he added, according to the "New York Post."


“There’s a lot we don’t know,” Stewart added. “Usually we’ll have a better idea to lead us in one direction or another, but unfortunately right now we can’t rule one avenue out as opposed to another.”

Kristin's brother, Eric Rohrbach, said that she did not have a history of mental illness and she was not taking any medication that would alter her behavior. Rohrback said that police believe that she "was not thinking clearly and for some reason felt the need to leave her home," reported the "Portland Press Herald."


“It’s incredibly surreal. It’s something out of a nightmare,” said Rohrbach, 45, of New Gloucester. “It’s a horrible situation to think that she’s immobilized somewhere in the woods. But there’s a huge party searching for her.”

Please pray for Kristin's safe return home!