Popular Grocery Chain Recalls 17 Tons of Ground Beef

May 03, 2018

A North Carolina food processing company that supplies meat to Kroger has recalled more than 35,000 pounds (over 17 tons) of ground beef. The ground beef may be contaminated with bits of hard plastic.


The recall was put into motion after a consumer complained that hard, blue pieces of plastic were found in one of their products.


The meat was produced around the end of March and was shipped to stores in Indiana and Virginia.



The ground beef is labeled under the brands Kroger Ground Beef, Private Selection Angus Beef, Kroger Ground Sirloin, and All Natural Laura’s Lean Beef and stamped with “EST. 34176” on the USDA inspection mark.


Among the products recalled are 1-pound and 3-pound trays of "Kroger Ground Beef 80% Lean-20% Fat," as well as 3-pound trays of "Kroger Ground Beef 73% Lean-27% Fat." 


Other 1-pound packages may be labeled "Kroger Ground Beef 85% Lean-15% Fat" and "Kroger Ground Sirloin 90% Lean-10% Fat Ground Beef," and Kroger Ground Beef 93% Lean – 7% Fat.”


Other 1-pound packages are labeled "All Natural Laura’s Lean Beef with 92% Lean-8% Fat Ground Beef" and All Natural Laura’s Lean Beef with 96% Lean-4% Fat Ground Beef," "Private Selection Angus Beef 80% Lean — 20% Fat Ground Chuck," and Private Selection Angus Beef 90% Lean — 10% Fat Ground Sirloin."


Also recalled: 15-pound cases labeled "JBS Ground Beef Angus Chuck 80% Lean 20% Fat” and “Ground Beef Angus Sirloin 90% Lean 10% Fat."



“There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions to due to the consumption of these products,” said the USDA. “Anyone concerned about an injury or illness should contact a healthcare provider.”


Consumers who have bought the recalled meat are warned not to eat the product, but either throw it away or return it to the store.

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