Private Jet Takes Off From Las Vegas, Crashes In Mexican Wilderness: 14 Feared Dead

May 06, 2019

Air traffic investigators in Mexico have opened an investigation into why a private jet originating in the U.S. crashed over the Northern part of Mexico over the weekend.

The airplane went down in rough terrain, preventing rescuers from immediately reaching the victims. They were able to view the wreckage from the air.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “An air search located the downed plane in a remote mountainous area in the municipality of Ocampo on Monday, the Coahuila state government said in a statement.

On Monday, authorities told the public that it is unlikely any of the people on board survived the violent crash.

“There were no survivors seen,” the statement said.

An investigation has been opened into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

“Personnel from the public safety department and prosecutor’s office were making their way to the site. The cause of the crash was under investigation.”

Although authorities declined to identify the passengers, it is believed that the group had just spent the weekend in Las Vegas to view a boxing match.

“Local media reported that the passengers were returning from a weekend trip that included seeing the Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez fight on the Las Vegas Strip.”

“The jet left Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon and had been expected that evening in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, but it never arrived, prompting a search.

“Flight controllers lost contact with the plane over Coahuila, Mexico.”

As details trickle in, it is being reported that the owner of the jet is now known.

“The plane was registered to Utah-based TVPX, listed as an insurance, customs and trust company. The company declined to comment on who was operating the plane.”

There have been discrepancies on the actual number of people on board, with some agencies reporting 13, others reporting 14.

“The Coahuila state government said in a statement the flight plan listed 13 people on board, though some media reported that there were 14 on the plane. It said no survivors were found.

“A separate list published in several Mexican media listed an additional passenger not on the Coahuila list.”

Officials in Mexico have not responded to US-based media inquiries about the accident. More information is expected in the coming days.

This is a developing story. Please check back later for updates.

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