Famous Mega Star Actor Involved In Frightening Car Accident After Going 60 M.P.H. And Thrown 20 Feet Into The Air

July 10, 2018

On Tuesday, July 9, George Clooney was rushed to the hospital after being involved in a car accident in the province of Olbia in Italy. The 57-year-old actor was thrown from his scooter on the state road to Costa Corallina on the Italian island of Sardinia when another driver cut him off.


According to "People," police told NBC that the incident happened at approximately 8:15 a.m. local time when another driver of a car reportedly did not "respect the right of way" to Clooney, cutting straight in front of his path and colliding with him. Clooney was reportedly traveling 60 m.p.h. and tossed into the air about 20 feet, according to "TMZ."


The father of two fell from his scooter and the driver of the car offered Clooney assistance and called an ambulance. Once the paramedics arrived, Clooney was rushed to John Paul II hospital after complaining of pain in his pelvis; he also had bruises on one leg and one arm.


Clooney reportedly underwent an MRI, but he was released shortly after. His wife, Amal, reportedly rushed to the hospital to be by his side. His condition was not serious, and he left through a side exit of the hospital, according to the Associated Press.

According to "People," Italian police commander Giovanni Mannoni told CNN that Clooney did not suffer any major injuries nor did he have any broken bones. Carabinieri officer Alberto Cicognani also told CNN that he talked with the star and said that he was doing "fine."


We are so glad George Clooney was able to leave the hospital without any significant injuries. Will you join us in praying for his continued recovery? In other news, if you get a phone call from this area code, DO NOT answer it.

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