‘The View’ Host In Big Trouble For Wearing ‘Blackface.’ But Wait Until You See Who’s Defending Her

February 08, 2019

By now, most of us have learned the lesson about ‘cultural appropriation,’ right? Meaning, you can dress for your ethnicity, race, and/or culture, but don’t even THINK about dressing up as someone from a different one. If you like the fashion, too bad. If you crave a hairstyle, you’re out of luck. If you enjoy the music, tough luck!

But, most importantly: don’t EVER be caught performing it, even for karaoke. It leaves many asking, "Where will it all end?"

But here's a dilemma for you. What happens when the offender happens to be a well-known liberal who has, in the past, demonized any conservative as racist whenever the opportunity arises.

But what happens when that ‘loudmouth liberal’ gets caught with a skeleton or two in her own closet? And what if someone brings out photos showing something she did decades ago that, by standards of the time, was completely innocent, bearing no harmful intent? Do we step back and look at the actual lack-of-harm or jump do we right in and assume the worst?

One right-leaning media star has courageously stepped up as a shining example of how we should all view these ridiculous accusations that pop up on a daily basis.

Fox News pundit and host of ‘The Ingraham Angle’ is a staunch conservative and ardent supporter of President Trump. She is quick to point out the hypocrisy of liberals whenever they start their transparent virtue signaling. But now, she has stunned liberals and conservatives alike by rising to the defense of her ‘enemy,’ left-leaning co-host of 'The View,' Joy Behar.

A 2016 clip from 'The View’ has surfaced in the wake of long-ago photos that began circulating showing of Virginia Democrats allegedly wearing blackface. In the clip, Behar can be heard sugar-coating her actions and soft-pedaling the controversy by saying she dressed up as ‘a beautiful African woman’ for a Halloween party when she was 29 years old.

And instead of owning up to having donned ‘blackface,’ she claims to have merely used a makeup a few shades darker than her own skin.

Conservatives have long argued that so many of the things deemed ‘racist’ by the Left are far from it and that liberals need to ‘chill.’ Now Ingraham says it’s time for Conservatives to put their money where their mouth is.

According to the Daily Caller,  “Laura Ingraham defended The View co-host Joy Behar, encouraging media and the public to treat Behar fairly over images that surfaced appearing to show her with a darkened face and afro-like hair.”

“Conservatives claiming that @JoyVBehar is racist bc of an old costume are falling into the PC Puritans’ trap. Even if she’s often unfair to conservatives—stick to basic principles of fairness.”

🔥🔥BOOOM!!🔥🔥Now, that's class!

But the vast majority of Conservatives are NOT applauding Ingraham's magnanimity toward one of their most prolific persecutors, and urge her to drop the hammer on Behar's blatant hypocrisy.

Many took to Twitter to blast liberals for their hypocrisy, especially those in the entertainment field.

“So, @JoyBehar, proud liberal, because she used the words “beautiful black woman” while describing a picture of herself in black face, is acceptable. Note the hypocrisy and political bias yet again, and again, infinitely pitiful.”

“@JoyVBehar So you call others out for dressing as "black face" when you yourself have done it. So doesnt that make you a racist as well as a hypocrite? Dont you think the fair thing to do is leave the show or for the network to fire you? Fair is fair now😉”

And although this incident would be a tempting opportunity to give the Left a taste of their own medicine Laura Ingraham is showing that principles, not political expediency should be the guideposts for our walk on this earth.

In this day and age of radical political correctness and of an ever-increasing number of ‘overly sensitive' people who are so easily offended, often times on behalf of some marginalized segment of society to which they do NOT belong, it has become impossible to express your creativity, have a sense of humor, or explore the experiences of peoples whose life experiences are different from yours. We're missing out on so much.

And I, for one, think that's a shame.

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