List of Banks and Credit Card Companies Limiting People From Purchasing Guns; Pro-Gun Groups Are Upset

May 01, 2018

Banks and credit card companies are watching people's moves more than ever before. If you have looked at your statement recently, you will notice the coding of each transaction; i.e. restaurant, gas station, Papa Johns, etc.

While coding might not be a big deal, some companies are looking into other options that could actually restrict firearm purchases.

According to a recent article by the "Wall Street Journal," these financial companies "are discussing ways to identify purchases of guns in their payment systems, a move that could be a prelude to restricting such transactions."
Many banks are currently exploring this idea of either monitoring gun purchases or restricting a gun purchase altogether.

"Such data could allow banks to restrict purchases at certain businesses or monitor them," according to "WSJ." The talks are informal and might not lead to any action."
On February 24, ten days after the Parkland shooting, over a dozen companies had cut ties with the NRA, according to "Breitbart."
First National Bank of Omaha
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Delta Airlines
Best Western
Alamo Rent a Car
Allied Van Lines
Chubb Insurance
North American Van Lines
Paramount Rx
On March 22, Citibank issued out new guidelines to their customers who own gun stores. They are requiring them to stop selling high-capacity magazines, to exceed federal requirements of background checks, and to increase the minimum age to 21 when purchasing a long gun.
As for Bank of America, they announced it would stop lending money to businesses that make "military-style firearms for civilians."
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