Little Girl Does Photo Shoot Wearing Mom’s Wedding Gown - When You Learn Why You’ll Be Moved To Tears

November 19, 2018

When Amber Davis was diagnosed with cancer, her thoughts immediately turned to her three-year-old daughter, Nora. Among the many concerns for the little girl’s future, she came up with the idea of having Nora do a photo shoot in the gown she had worn for her wedding to Nora’s father in 2011.

Amber hoped the uplifting event would create a positive atmosphere for her family as she fought the dreaded disease.

Amber contacted her good friend and photographer, Heidi Spillane, to discuss the idea; Heidi promised Amber that she would make it happen.

Before the plan could be carried out, however, Amber’s health began to decline, and the photo shoot was put on the back burner. Time went on, and Amber eventually lost her battle and passed away.

In the midst of the family’s sorrow, Heidi remembered her vow to her friend and began making arrangements to carry out the plan that Amber had made, but never lived to see carried out.

When the day for the photo shoot arrived, Nora was turned into a princess.

Between the hair, makeup, and beautiful white gown the sweet little girl was the spitting image of her late mom.

From behind her camera, Heidi was able to capture some exquisite images of the little girl that honor Amber’s memory in a most unique way.

Watch the video, below, to see the stunning results of this labor of love.

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