Video: Little Hockey Fan’s Day Goes From Disappointment to Pure Joy

April 17, 2018

An adorable video swept the internet off its collective feet this week of a little girl at an NHL playoff hockey game.


In the video, we see a group of kids gathered near the glass at the edge of the rink as the team warms up on the ice. Some of them pound on the glass to get the hockey players’ attention in the hopes of getting a puck, similar to getting a baseball at a baseball game.



One player takes notice and skates up to the kids and motions to one little girl with his stick, pointing her out to say that he wants this puck to go to her and throws a puck over the glass.


An adult behind the kids catches the puck but hands it to an older boy instead of the girl. The disappointment you can see on her face will almost break your heart.


The hockey player does the same gesture, pointing to the little girl and throws another puck over the glass. Again, the adult catches it and gives it to a different boy instead of the girl.


The hockey player then pounds the glass in front of the girl, frustrated that the adults are not giving the puck to the girl like he wanted them to.



Finally, on the third try, the girl gets her puck at last and she jumps up and down with excitement.


The whole interaction was caught on video by the Washington Capitals who then shared it on Twitter.


The young hockey fan’s name is first-grader Keelan Moxley and the hockey player is Capitals winger Brett Connolly.


Keelan is the daughter of Lauren and Andrew Moxley and it was Keelan’s second hockey game. “It was only her second NHL game,” said her mother. “We wanted to take her to a playoff game.”


“I was standing near her and I saw it all happen, but I never thought the guy who was catching the pucks had any ill intentions,” she continued. “She’s an only child. We didn’t know the other people around us.”


“I couldn't believe it when I saw on Facebook and Twitter what it had become.”


Brett Connolly’s wife Katrina reached out to Lauren to make sure that she did get the puck. She also wanted to send Keelan a little gift to thank her for being a good sport and supporting the team.


“Brett has definitely earned a lifelong fan,” said Lauren. “Keelan can’t stop talking about him.”


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