Famous Musician Found Dead After Being Brutally Murdered; Fans Are Heartbroken

May 01, 2018

Devastating news has come across the newsroom. A famous musician has passed away after being brutally murdered.


Famous rapper Lonnie "Lil Lonnie" Taylor was one of two people who was killed during a shooting in Jackson, Mississippi. The two others were injured in three completely different shooting incidents, according to "USA Today."



The 22-year-old star was found dead Sunday night after being shot several times while driving his SUV.


His vehicle came to a stop when it crashed into a home. According to the Jackson Police Department, there are no suspects identified, nor was there a motive.

In 2015, Taylor's hit single, "Colors," is what helped him become a star. In an interview Taylor said that he was staying focused and took some advice from Jack Thriller and 50 Cent. He believed their advice is what got him to where he was today.


The interviewer asked if he was selling drugs. Taylor's response was upstanding.


"I don't do none of that," he said. "I've got morals that I stand by."

While working his way up, he was helping his four siblings and his father financially. His mother died when he was young.


"I want to be the next icon people look up to. I want to motivate others around from where I'm from because not too many get the recognition I do, and I just want to bring that impact to where I'm from and help people out," he said. "I'm willing to open the door to everybody."


Fans were heartbroken after hearing this devastating news. Will you join us in praying for his family?


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