Lottery Winners Outraged After Illinois Failed to Pay Out $288 Million

December 20, 2017

People were up in arms when they heard Illinois failed to payout $288 million to several winners. Many of them sought legal counsel to get back what they deserved.

So what happened? Basically, Illinois couldn't afford it. They blamed it on their budget crisis, but oddly enough, the state continued to sell tickets despite their inability to pay. To add insult to injury, Illinois continued running television ads to promote the lottery game. The state said that they could not pay out any winnings more than $600.


“We won. We finally can have a comfortable life. Suddenly you're gonna pull the rug out from underneath us. We had a ticket for $250,000,” Susan Rick, one of the winners, told Inside Edition.

Another set of winners pooled their money together and purchased several tickets. The group of Chicago city employees won one million dollars, but haven't even seen a penny of it.


49-year-old hospital clerk, Rhonda Rasche, said she won $50,000 from a $3 scratch-off ticket, and lottery officials told her that her winnings would be in the mail in four to six weeks.

"How the heck can they do this, and they're still selling tickets?" said Rasche. "If I was the one selling raffle tickets and I didn't pay, I would be sued or in jail or both."


Rasche and over two dozen lottery winners filed a class-action complaint and are still waiting for their payout. Their complaint is accusing the state of committing fraud. Interestingly enough, Illinois continued to pay wages, including B.R. Lane, Lottery Director, a salary of $142,000.


“If any private business would engage in this kind of conduct selling tickets and not paying out the winner," attorney Tom Zimmerman said. "The state would shut them down and indict them for fraud."


What do you think about Illinois not paying out lottery winnings? Let us know in the comment section below! In other news, a Home Depot employee was fired after trying to stop a child abduction. What do you think about that?

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