Lucas the Animated Spider Will Convince You Not to Hate Spiders

January 22, 2018

There’s just something about animation that can win over the hearts of all of its viewers. Whether you cry at “Toy Story 3” or are an avid Disney Short follower—chances are you’ve fallen in love with an animated character.

Well good news, the Internet has found yet another animated character for you to fall in love with! Lucas the spider is a tiny little arachnid who just wants to explore the world.

Lucas the spider was created by the animator Josh Slice. He has previously worked on large animated movies like “Ferdinand,” “Zootopia,” and “Big Hero 6.” His latest project is just a fun one that he uploads to Youtube.

In Lucas’s first film, he introduces himself to the world. He shares, “I have too many eyeballs!” Check out the full video below.

Of course, when it gets cold outside, Lucas gets cold, too. In his second video, he appears on the other side of a window. He complains, “It’s really cold out here!” He wants to be let in to stay warm by the fire. Check out the video.

In the fourth video, Lucas is sliding around a bathroom sink. When he gets to the drain, he says, “It’s dark down there. I wonder what’s on the other side?” Check it out.

Lucas’s latest video is one of the cutest. In this one, he gets captured under a glass. Apparently, he was trying to play tag with a human. However, when the human saw him he got captured. Check out his sweet reaction here.

Lucas is such a sweet little spider! Much less scary than a real one. Follow his videos so you can get updates when his next video is released.

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