Pregnant Television Star Found Dead; Requesting Prayers

August 15, 2018

There has been some tragic news that has come in. A famous television star has passed away leaving family and friends heartbroken.

We are asking our readers to pray for the family as they go through this devastating time. Sadly, the television star was pregnant at the time she was found.

On August 14, at approximately 5 a.m. a woman's body was found on a sidewalk above the Major Deegan Expressway at Undercliff Avenue and Boscobel Place in Highbridge in the Bronx area of New York.

When the New York police arrived, she was only wearing a pajama top and underwear, but with no pants. On the body, a small Ziplock back was found containing cocaine. At this time, police suspect that she died of an overdose.

Lyric McHenry, who appeared on "E!'s" "EJNYC," was found unconscious on a sidewalk Tuesday morning, according to "PEOPLE." She was pregnant and was 26 years old.

After the police found her, they rushed her to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital where she reportedly died. Officials also confirmed that she was 20 weeks pregnant.

A New York Police Department spokesperson told "PEOPLE" that they found a 26-year-old female unresponsive and unconscious on a sidewalk near Undercliff Avenue and Boscobel Place. At the time, police would not confirm her identity as the situation is still pending investigation.

McHenry's reported death comes after celebrating her birthday the previous night. She was reportedly out with friends. According to her Instagram, McHenry was at The Frederick Hotel, the Dream Hotel, and the Soho Grand Hotel. She was filming herself in a bathroom mirror wearing a pink dress.

The cause of death has not yet been disclosed, and there were no signs of trauma.

Will you keep the McHenry family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time?