Major US College Now Offering Free Tuition to Students From Middle-Class Families Thanks to New Initiative; Twitter on Fire Over It

September 18, 2018

College can be expensive. And depending on the college you or your student chooses, it can take a serious financial toll on a family.

The middle class feels this even more, as there is usually very little in the way of financial aid for college seeking individuals. What makes this even more difficult is most middle-class families still can't afford to send their child to college. 

One US College is seeking to change this, allowing free tuition for students of middle-class families, where Federal and State help is typically not provided. The college is Rice University in Houston, TX and the plan is called The Rice Investment.

In the Houston area, the middle-class income is classified as making anywhere from $60K-$130K a year. Half priced tuition is also being offered to students whose families make between $130-$200K a year.

Many are wondering what prompted such a bold financial move on the part of the college. The President of Rice University had a few things to say about the initiative. 

He states, "'Talent deserves opportunity,' Rice President David Leebron said. 'We've built on our already generous financial aid to provide more support to lower-income and middle-class families and ensure that these students have access to the best in private higher education.'"

And Rice University isn't just any old college, it's a good one. "Rice is frequently ranked as one of the nation's best values among private schools. Its annual tuition is currently at $46,600."

The Rice Investment takes place in Fall of 2019. For more information, please visit their website.

We hope more colleges jump on board so the best and the brightest can be offered a chance to succeed. On the flip side, we are open to opinions. What do you think about this?