Male Model Collapses, Dies On Runway During Fashion Week Show; Appears To Trip On Shoelace But Fails To Get Up

April 29, 2019

It was a sight that is occasionally seen on high fashion runways: while strutting in sometimes sky-high heels and flowy ensembles that can present a tripping hazard, a model missteps and comes crashing to the ground.

Typically, said models pop back up, a bit embarrassed, but no worse for the wear.

That’s what fashion week fans thought when Tales Soares took a tumble during his turn on the runway at a Sao Paulo fashion show.

But when the 26-year-old Brazilian model, whose professional name is ‘Tales Cotta,’ appeared to trip and fall, he most definitely did not get right back up.

“Daily Folha de S. Paulo reported that Soares tripped on his shoelace and fell.”

Initially, audience members thought the fall might have been part of the act, but when he failed to recover, their amusement turned to horror.

“A statement from organizers said Tales Soares took ill while parading Saturday. A medical team attended to him on the catwalk and Soares was later taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

According to Folha de S. Paulo, When Soares fell, “the thump on the floor sounded like a planned event. But right away the model’s body tremored and he foamed at the mouth, indicating that it was not staged.

“The music stopped and as soon as possible two firemen jumped on the catwalk and took the model away on a stretcher.”

Twelve firefighters reportedly attempted to revive Soares outside the venue where the model was reported to still be alive.

Now people are trying to piece together what might have happened to bring about such a tragedy.

One of Soares’ model friends said the up-and-coming Brazilian model appeared happy, nervous, and seemed hungry before the show.

“One of them, Isa Mel, an Oxygen Model, explained that he had not eaten because he was vegetarian and there wasn’t any vegetarian food at the show.“

No further details have been released about a possible cause of death. An investigation is underway and results will be revealed once that investigation is complete.

Please join us in praying for all those who are mourning the loss of such a promising young star.

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