Sad Update In Case Of Missing 4-Year-Old Girl. New Evidence Points To Foul Play, Arrest Made

May 13, 2019

Ever since May 3rd, the entire nation has been touched by the heartbreaking tale of a little four-year-old Houston girl who disappeared after reportedly being abducted from her father.

According to the elaborate story reported by stepfather Derion Vence, four-year-old Maleah Davis was snatched from him by three Hispanics who took advantage of their car trouble.

Vence’s missing car was located last week and police were hoping to find some sign of what happened to the little girl.

Instead, investigators say they have found evidence that points to foul play in the girl’s disappearance, resulting in the arrest of Vence.

People reports, “Traces of blood found in the apartment home of a missing Texas 4-year-old have led to a criminal charge against the girl’s stepdad for tampering with evidence of a human corpse.”

The car yielded some clues, however, and those also pointed to a sad outcome for little Maleah.

“Police on Thursday recovered the silver Nissan Altima that Vence claimed had been stolen from him, and dogs trained to find cadavers responded ‘to the scent of human decomposition in the vehicle,’ Harris County prosecutor Pat Stayton said at a court hearing Saturday.”

More incriminating evidence point to Vence’s involvement in the foul play.

“Security footage from a neighboring apartment allegedly shows Vence carrying multiple bottles of bleach in and out of the residence he shared with Davis and the girl’s mother, and then toting a full blue laundry basket containing a garbage bag, according to a spokesperson for Maleah’s mom, Brittany Bowens.”

Police say they recovered the laundry basket in the trunk of the Nissan, along with a gas can.

Investigators are still working to piece together the evidence to, hopefully, get to the bottom of what really happened to the precious little girl.

Please continue praying. No matter the outcome, Maleah and her loved ones could use our prayers.

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