Florida Man Accused Of Trying To Buy 8-Year-Old Girl For $200,000; Then He Kissed Her Wrist, Police Say

October 03, 2018

Police are investigating a startling incident after a man allegedly tried to buy a woman's 8-year-old daughter at a nearby Walmart. The mother says that her daughter is really shaken up about the encounter.

81-year-old Hellmuth Kolb was arrest Saturday on charges of battery and false imprisonment after he attempted to buy Tracy Nigh's daughter for $200,000 at a Walmart in Port Orange, Florida.


According to "ABC6," police said that Nigh and her daughter were sitting on a bench inside the Walmart when Kolb approached them. He began asking very personal questions and then asked if she was married. Then he started bidding on her.

“The first amount was $100,000, the second amount was $150,000 and then the final amount was $200,000,” Nigh said. “I then said ‘No, we have to go.’”

When Nigh got up to leave, Kolb grabbed her daughter and kissed her on the wrist. Nigh left with her daughter and notified the store's security.


When authorities arrived, they acquired the store's surveillance cameras and witnessed the encounter. They were able to identify the man through his credit card transaction and also on social media.


Earlier that month, police said that another woman had a similar experience with a man matching Kolb's description.

In the recent police report, Kolb told the police that he couldn't remember if he grabbed the girl or touched her. A reporter for "WFTV" went to Kolb's house after he made bail to discuss the incident. Kolb's wife shut the door.


A judge has ordered Kolb not to go near or be in contact with the girl or the mother.

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