VIDEO: Security Cameras Capture Utah Man Attempting to Escape Courtroom, Jumping from Second Floor

May 04, 2018

If you ever thought about escaping a courtroom during your trial, this video might show you why it is a bad idea.


Security camera footage released showed 35-year-old Christopher Clay Rudd attempting to escape a courtroom in Spanish Fork, Utah.


Rudd was appearing before a judge “for an order to show cause for skipping out on his rehab.”



Police arrested Rudd on April 26 for theft, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, and drug-related charges.


The security camera footage captures Rudd running out of the courtroom and jumping off a second story stairwell.


Rudd survives the jump and a bailiff can be seen attempting to break his fall. The footage also shows Rudd bleeding from what appears to be a head wound suffered from the fall.


Watch the dramatic footage in the video below.



Hopefully, he learns from his mistakes and recovers from his drug addictions and life of crime.


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