'I Fooled Dr. Phil’ - 8 Years After Acquittal, Man Confesses To Brother's Brutal Killing That His Dad Is Serving Life Sentence For

February 14, 2019

Sometimes you gotta wonder what goes on behind the scenes in some families. Take this disturbing story about one brother beating his step-brother Trey Zwicker to death when both boys were teenagers.

Josh Young was tried and acquitted of the 2011 crime after their father Josh Gouker said HE was the one who did it. Gouker was subsequently convicted of the heinous crime after he and Young concocted an elaborate story about how the dad did it to get back at the boy’s mother.

Gouker’s trial was six years ago, the murder, eight. Now, in a surprising twist in a case that everyone thought was long-over, Young suddenly has more to say about the strange story - a LOT more.

In a four-page letter, the surviving brother makes a startling confession about the crime, stating that "he’s ‘ready to get the truth out,’ while his father, who took the fall for the crime, is serving life in prison.”

Claiming that he was the one who killed then-14-year-old Trey and that he acted alone, Young admitted that Gouker’s confession was false.

Young’s step-brother Trey Zwicker was found beaten to death behind Liberty High School in Louisville in May 2011. During Young’s trial, Gouker told the court that HE was the one who committed the killing. and Young was subsequently acquitted based on the father’s statement.

According to Young, “On May 11, I murdered Trey Zwicker, murdered him alone. It was not planned, it was not a plot, and there was nobody else involved in any kind of way. I acted alone and by my father’s lies and him admitting to a murder he had no involvement in–I was spared a life sentence and granted freedom.”

Young reveals that Gouker stepped up to take the fall to spare his son the possibility of being tried as an adult and spending the rest of his life in prison. At his allocution, Gouker said he acted alone.

Here is where things get a bit sticky. Because Young was acquitted on the charge, due to Double Jeopardy, he cannot be tried again on the same charge. But prosecutors are quick to point out that he can be held responsible for others charges, including perjury.

And, it does not mean Gouker will automatically be released from prison. Prosecutors are convinced that the two acted together to kill Trey - in spite of the letter that Young wrote taking all the blame.

Not everyone is buying this most recent account of the murder. TV host Nancy Grace put the intriguing question out there to her Twitter followers:

“A young boy is accused of helping kill his 14-yr-old brother--but was he involved or just a pawn to his dad's game w/ cops? #BabyFaceKiller?”

People who know the 23-year-old Young tell of their own experience with him. 

“What a monster that lives in Josh Young. he lived in a apartment community that Dr. Phil signed a one year lease for Josh Young. and we had to evict him after 1 and 1/2 months because he was scaring all of the tenants with his outrageous daily acts “

Those who followed the trial seem to be not at all surprised by the most recent development.

“We all pretty much knew this, right? “

No matter who you think actually committed the heinous crime, one thing remains clear. Trey Zwicker lost his life that day and his family longs for justice. Please join us in praying for the teen's still-grieving family.

This story is developing and we will update you with any further details as they are released.

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