North Carolina Man Drives 40 Miles With 3,000 Bees Loose in Truck Cab

May 08, 2018

A North Carolina man drove nearly 40 miles with thousands of bees loose in the cab of his truck.


Wallace Leatherwood purchased around 18,000 bees from Wild Mountain Bees in Weatherville, North Carolina, and put them in the back of his pickup. When he stopped at a restaurant, he moved a few boxes from the back of his truck into the cab.


“I put them in the back of the truck and went to look at a job,” said Leatherwood. “Left there and went to Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que.”


“I didn’t have any shady place to sit them. When I came out, one of the boxes was black with bees, and there were bees everywhere. I thought, well, I don’t know what to do.”


What would you have done at this point? Abandoned ship? Not Leatherwood.


“I didn’t want to lose my bees. They were $165 per box,” he said.


He then decided to prank his son.


“I thought, well, I’m gonna stop in where my son works at Ken Wilson Ford. They’re a bunch of scaredy-cats.”


One of Leatherwood’s son’s co-workers managed to get a video of Leatherwood in his truck surrounded by bees.


“I knew he was crazy, but I didn’t know how crazy he was until I walked out,” said Singleton. “And, man, there was just bees everywhere.”


“It is dangerous. I know what you’re going to say. ‘Oh, you need to have an EpiPen and you should have a bee suit.’ Well, I don’t use a bee suit 99 percent of the time, so I’m just cool with them,” said Leatherwood.


According to Leatherwood, he didn’t get stung once the entire drive.

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