Man Fends off Fowl Attack in Business Park–Try Not to Laugh

March 09, 2018

Birds are one of the most beloved creatures in the world. Their amazing colors and beautiful songs are enjoyed by many across the globe.


Except for maybe the Canada goose. They are the worst.


Canada geese are known to take over parks, golf courses, and other grassy areas in large flocks. These flocks leave behind an astonishing number of droppings which get stuck to the bottom of your shoes when you walk through the park or wherever the flock has taken over.


In addition to the droppings, the Canada goose is known to be very aggressive and will not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened, and a Canada goose always feels threatened.




Because of their annoying behavior to human populations, they are now regarded as pests by many city parks and recreation officials.



If there was any doubt as to the annoying and even dangerous behavior, take for example this man’s encounter with an aggressive goose.


He may have thought he was just on a walk through the courtyard at work, but a territorial goose took offense to his choice of travel.


Watch the video below to witness this poor man’s feeble attempts to cross the courtyard as well as save a woman’s purse from the unruly Canadian.



President Trump may want to build a wall along our southern border, but maybe he should look into some sort of wall on our northern border too to keep these pests out.


In other news, a zoo is facing backlash over a video of a man throwing a lit cigarette to an orangutan. Watch what the ape does next in the first article below!

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