60-Year-Old Man Finds a Lifesaving Donor at Disney World

December 21, 2017

Robert Leibowitz needed help. He has had kidney issues ever since he was 12 years old and time was running out.


A recent trip to the doctor revealed that he would need to go on dialysis three times a week for four hours a day. He would need a transplant if he hoped to have any long-term future.


“I am a single dad,” said Leibowitz. “I love them more than anything in the world, and they are my rocket fuel. That’s what keeps me going.”



Thanks to a genius idea from his 14-year-old daughter, help is now on the way.


On a recent trip to Disney World, Leibowitz wore a shirt that read, “In Need Of Kidney. O Positive. Call 917-597-2651.” His daughter came up with the idea for the shirt after thinking that it would get a lot of exposure among the crowds at the Magic Kingdom.


“I figured that is the best place to do it in a week,” said Leibowitz. “It is very hard to get a kidney, and there are not a lot of donors out there, or with O positive (blood type). I am universal, but I have to get an O back.”


While he was wearing his shirt at Disney World, a woman spotted him and asked to take a picture. This woman, Rocio Sandoval, hoped to share her picture online to try to help him spread the word.


“This man turned around with the biggest smile, so grateful, and said, ’Yes, please!’’’ said Sandoval. “He gave us both a hug and said, ‘Thank you. Please share this with the world.’”


And share she did.


Her Facebook post went viral and received over 91,000 shares.



“The response has been absolutely amazing. I get very emotional about it,” said Leibowitz. “Over a million people have seen it already, and the calls keep coming in, in terms of text and phone calls from all over the country, which is amazing.”


And thanks to the shirt and the picture, he now has found a donor. His transplant surgery is now scheduled for some time in January 2018.


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