Man Finds Wedding Ring in Their Home’s Ashes—His Next Move Will Bring You to Tears

December 14, 2017

Wildfires have been ravaging Southern California. Some families who fled from their homes in terror are returning, only to find ash and dust.

Don and Julie Myers are living in Ventura County. Or at least they were.

They were evacuated from their home due to the wildfires. When they returned, they knew that they wouldn’t find much. Just as they expected, their home was a pile of ashes.

They looked through the ashes to see if there was anything they could recover. They found their fire safe, but when they opened it, even that had been demolished.

Julie got overwhelmed with everything that was happening and left as Don and several firefighters rummaged through the safe to see if anything was salvageable. As Don was sifting through the safe, he found his wife’s original wedding ring.

Julie has two wedding rings. The first ring was in the fire safe. The one she was wearing when they evacuated he had given to her for their 25th anniversary.

When Don found the ring, he knew exactly what he needed to do to help his wife process everything that was happening. He proposed.

Julie shared, “It was truly amazing that he found it, I thought we had lost it forever because everything else was unrecognizable. He set it up with my son to photograph his proposal while I left because I was overwhelmed with emotion and smoke fumes. The proposal was icing on the cake.”

It’s incredible to see this act of love in the midst of chaos and heartache. Don’s proposal is just a reminder of the things that really matter in life.

As of December 13th, the fires were 30% contained, so it should be on its way to burning out. While raging, though, the fires destroyed over 1,000 structures. This is in addition to the wildfires that ravaged Northern California in October.

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