Man Installed Hidden Cameras in Hotel Rooms. Find out How to Protect Yourself.

October 25, 2017

The scary thing is, you could be being watched by someone using hidden cameras in your hotel room or rental when on vacation and not even know it!

We like to think, or hope, things like this doesn't happen. Unfortunately, it just did to an Indiana couple renting an Airbnb. The couple traveled to Longboat Key, Florida for a getaway when they stumbled upon a smoke detector that looked a little suspicious.

The couple discovered a hidden camera and microphone within the smoke detector that was pointed directly at the bed. Local authorities were called and homeowner, Wayne Natt, was arrested and charged with video voyeurism.

This, sadly, hasn't been the only incident. Last year, police found six smoke detectors with cameras connected to a DVR in a Las Vegas man's home in which he rented out.

And it's not just smoke detectors that easily hide hidden cameras. From a simple household alarm clock to phone chargers, to a thermal mug to a pen — people can hide these anywhere.

Jeff Rossen from the Today Show did an experiment with a family's home. He installed 14 hidden cameras and asked the family to find them all. Check it out below.

How To Prevent

To see if your hotel room has been bugged, you can buy a radio frequency finder for under $20 like the one in the video. You can purchase Amazon's Best Seller here.

I don't know about you, but this was very disturbing. Please share with your family and friends before they travel next! Also, it will allow them to have time to pick up a radio frequency finder. Best to be prepared for a small amount of money! In other news, a police officer was ambushed by 3 attackers until he pressed a button to release his K-9. The attackers had no chance! This dog is a hero!

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