50-Year-Old Christmas Present Finally Opened, Putting End To Bizarre Love Story Mystery

December 07, 2018

How many of us could keep a present for nearly 50 years without opening it? Well, that’s exactly what a 65-year-old Edmonton man did! When you hear the story behind WHY he didn’t open it all those years, you’ll be amazed that he finally has decided to see what’s inside the mystery box.

It was 1970, and 17-year-old Adrian Pearce was in his senior year of high school, looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holiday with his girlfriend, Vicky Allen. Then something completely unexpected happened that led to this bizarre story.

Vicky had been Adrian’s first serious girlfriend so when she told him she wanted to break up shortly before Christmas, he was dumbfounded. Then, inexplicably, Vicki gave him a present along with his walking papers.


He did not know how to react, so he took it home and tossed it under the tree with the rest of his family’s presents.

But when Christmas morning came, Adrian announced that he was not going to open it - ever!

According to Global News, “For years, Pearce continued placing the present under the tree, even after he got married and had children. He said he kept it initially in case the couple got back together — but after 48 years, it’s now just a habit.”

And wouldn’t you know that social media was the catalyst to change his mind about never revealing the box’ contents.


Adrian posted on social media that he was planning to open the present on the 50th anniversary of having received it, but the story went viral. As a result, he and Vicki reconnected. The two decided that they would get together and open the gift, making it into an event for charity.

On December 6th, the ex-couple got together along with Adrain’s wife. Vicki claimed that it’s been so long, that she couldn’t remember what was in it. So Adrian let her have the honors since she was the one who bought it. And what did it turn out to be?


A book about love. What an unusual present to give to someone you were planning to break up with. And as one social media user remarked, the irony is HUGE!!


"That's actually really cute. I bet she was hoping he would've read that back then. Who knows... maybe they would've gotten back together 😊"

For more on this intriguing story, watch the video, below.

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