Man Rescues Terrified Owl from Fishing Line

August 28, 2017

Craig Loving started his work day like he does any other day. However, he probably didn’t wake up thinking he would be throwing on some waders, be in a lake, and rescuing an owl.

Loving works at Lost Creek Country Club and is their superintendent. Once word got back to him that a great horned owl was caught on a fishing line in a lake, he quickly volunteered to attempt a rescue.

As you can see in the images and the video below, Loving is covered from head to toe in clothes. He even has glasses and a hat on. We are not sure if this was intentional, however, it probably was a good idea. 

“It was a little intimidating,” Loving said. “Especially when his beak started snapping at me, but it was cool, it was definitely very cool.”

As Loving holds onto a tree branch, he reaches to cut the taut fishing line. The line was still wrapped around the owl’s wing. Fortunately, the owl does not move — almost appearing like he knew the job was not complete yet and still needed Loving’s assistance.

Loving got a shovel and he used the handle as a perch for the owl to step onto. The owl seemed to not mind the transportation. Loving took the owl away from the water, placed him on land and re-checked the bird's wing. The owl appeared to be free from the fishing line and soon flew away.

Check out the full video below. What do you think about this rescue?