Utah Man Sues McDonald's After Drink Laced With Heroin-Like Opiate; He Blacked Out In Front of His 3 Children

August 03, 2018

Since his wife was working late, 33-year-old Trevor Walker decided to go through McDonald's drive-thru for a quick dinner. Once the father of three got home, he sat his children on the couch to enjoy their happy meals while he began to read work emails on his computer. Then he took a sip of his Diet Coke.

Walker began to lose feeling in his arms and legs. He began to lose his vision and became disoriented.


"I started to feel unusual, I started to sense a lapse in time," Walker said, according to KUTV. "There was this panic that came over me, there was this surge of adrenaline. I didn't know what to do."

His first thought was that he was having an anxiety attack, so he texted his wife two messages. Then, he blacked out and collapsed with his three children still on the couch.

The Text Messages

"I am having sensations in my arms and everything is moving slowly. I'm feeling scared," Walker texted to his wife.

"I don't know what to do. I'm so scared I'm trying to be calm. I need you."

Lab Report

The incident took place in August 2016 at the McDonald's in the Salt Lake suburb of Riverton, and Walker survived after he was rushed to the emergency room. A few months went by, and then the shocking lab report arrived. The report showed that the drug Buprenorphine, an extremely powerful painkiller, was found in his body and his drink.


Buprenorphine is a substitute for heroin or opioids that typically comes in a dissolvable substance, according to CBS. Someone allegedly laced his drink with a heroin-like opiate.

Today, he has decided to take the almost fatal incident to court. He is suing McDonald's.

The Suspect

After the investigation concluded, police say that they had a suspect, but, unfortunately, they didn't have enough evidence to file any charges. After several interviews, the suspect denied the incident.

As for the surveillance tapes, the video from that night was not available because the footage runs on two-week loops, and the request came after the two weeks. The footage was gone.

Walker is most concerned about his children (ages 1, 3, and 8) and what would have happened if they took a sip of his drink.

"I can only imagine what that could have done to one of my boys," Walker said.


McDonald's spokesperson Khim Aday said that they do not comment on any pending litigations.

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