Man Tries to Break Friend Out Of Jail With Computer Hacking Scheme; Now He Has 87 Months in Prison

May 04, 2018

At first glance, Konrads Voit's computer hacking scheme seemed like the perfect plan. However, one fatal mistake foiled his plans, landing him 87 months in prison.

The hacking scheme Voits used was called typosquatting. Basically, he made a carbon copy of the original Washtenaw County, Michigan website, changing the “w” in the URL to “vv” to replicate a “w”. Most people wouldn't have been able to recognize the slight change.

This allowed him to send fake emails to employees infecting their computers. These employees thought they were getting emails from the county itself.

In doing this, he planned to change his friend’s sentence time electronically, thus getting him out of jail quicker.

Up until this point, Voits had accomplished what he sought to do. He had used the malware implanted on one county employee’s computer to gain access to their email address, username, and password.

What he didn’t realize is there are some who still use paper. He was about to change his friend’s sentence until a jail employee caught Voits when checking the inmate’s paper records. After that is was game over for Voits.

According to one source, “After pleading guilty to damaging a protected computer, Voits was sentenced to 87 months in prison… and three more of supervised release once he’s out.

“He’s also been ordered to pay nearly $240,000 in restitution to help the County recoup its costs to clean up the aftermath of his attack.”

Oh and by the way...his friend never got out either. Guess they will be spending a lot of time together now. Mission accomplished...I guess? Lol

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