Man Watching His Parent's Wedding Video Sees an Extraordinary Detail

December 07, 2017

Many married couples remember several big moments in their lives together. Either it be the first time they locked eyes on each other or a memorable trip they took. Whatever it is, many of us have that precious memory.

After many decades of marriage together, Joel Smith's parents never stopped talking about their 1948 Plymouth convertible that they used to own. Over everything else, this was most talked about.

In 1948, Joe and Beverly Smith fell in love and got married. They used up most of their savings to buy a brand-new Plymouth convertible. Shortly after the couple got married, Joe was drafted into the Korean War. Sadly, they had to sell their beloved car before Joe left. The car was a staple memory for the happy couple even 60 years later.

Six decades later, the still in love couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. During the evening of celebration, one of their close family friends stumbled upon their wedding video.

Approved by the Smith's, they all gathered around watching that magnificent day. Come to find out there was additional footage of their early life together with several photos of them with their Plymouth convertible. Seeing the couple smile when seeing their precious car was a fantastic sight.

After Joel saw the footage, he knew he had the opportunity to do something very special for his parents. He went out looking for an identical 1948 Plymouth convertible.

Understandably so, the search for this vehicle was far from easy. That old of a car was very rare and to even locate one, he had to be sure it was in safe working condition. He had to try. His parent's deserved it.

After several weeks of searching online, Joel came up empty. Then one day, Joel saw an expired post on Craigslist and decided to call just in case the car was still available. An 81-year-old man living in Indiana was selling a 1948 Plymouth convertible with only 31,000 miles. He was only the second owner and the car had been stored safely in a garage. Joel purchased the car immediately.

Before showing his parents, Joel took the car to a mechanic to ensure the car was running smoothly and was safe to drive. Once the car was ready, he took the car to his parents. As you can imagine, they were shocked! Memories began flooding back as the couple saw the car coming over the hill. Thankfully, their grandson recorded everything!

Watch their reaction below!

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