Marine’s Wife Finds the Perfect Way to Include Him in Hilarious Christmas Card

December 15, 2017

Through the holidays this year, Staff Sergeant Andrew Smith will be far away from his wife and baby, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be with them in spirit. When his wife, Andrea Smith, was preparing their Christmas card, she couldn’t imagine having it without her husband.

Of course, we’ve all seen Christmas cards where service members have been Photoshopped with their families, but Andrea wanted to do something a little bit different for hers.

She enlisted the help of a close friend, photographer Leslie Owen. It was Leslie’s idea to take a photo of Andrea and Charlotte at their favorite store—Target.

They took a photo of Andrea holding Charlotte up near the top shelf. They took a second photo with Andrea sitting on the ground—exhausted and drinking coffee.

Leslie was able to Photoshop Andrea out of the photo holding Charlotte. Andrew was then Photoshopped to look like he is catching his daughter on the other side.

The end result looks absolutely incredible. It’s funny and sweet—all at the same time. Andrea shared, “I would love to have him be home for the holidays, and I know it’s not possible this year. But this card gives him a chance to be a part of our Christmas.”

Andrew was supposed to be deployed last year, too, but he was able to surprise his wife and daughter by returning two days before Christmas. Andrea shared, “Charlotte kept saying, ‘Santa brought you home.’ So when we knew he was going to be gone again this year and there was no chance he’d be back in time, my daughter told my husband, ‘All I really want you to be is safe.’”

I’m so glad this sweet family was able to have a darling Christmas photo—even though they’re on different sides of the world! Hopefully Andrew will make it home next year for Christmas!

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